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NX Dispatching is a boutique style dispatching service. We have one dispatcher for five to seven trucks only, so that we can assist in dispatching your trucks as efficient as possible for maximum results.

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Our goal is to provide you with the best rates, lanes and loads. We help you with all the paperwork, invoicing clients and even collecting the pay once the delivery is completed.

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Rate Negotiation & Collection Assistance

We’ll negotiate rates on your behalf and make sure you get paid in full

Invoicing & Paperwork

We can do all the paperwork and invoicing so you can focus on driving

Trip Planning

Our team can plan your trip to maximize efficiency

24/7 Support & Service

We’re available around the clock to support you

Credit Checks

Need a credit check done before you deliver a load? Let us know and we’ll tell you the results

Driver Recruitment

We’ll connect your company to trusted drivers to make the recruitment process easier

We’re your partners in dispatching

NX Dispatching is a boutique style dispatching service, where our clients are our partners, because when you succeed we succeed as well.

We strive to make owner operators and fleet owners lives hands off as possible we it comes to dispatching. We want you to focus on the carrier side while we handle your dispatching services.

We are diligent in our dispatch services in finding you the best lanes and to help maximize fuel efficiency.

» No Forced Dispatch

You are truly your own boss at NX Dispatching

» Efficient

Our dispatching services help our clients save time and optimize their revenue. Our mission is to provide the quickest and most efficient service in order to assist with locating your trucking company the freight that it needs.

» No Contracts

We have no contracts and provide every client with a personalized experience based on the needs of their truck or fleet of trucks.